Thursday, December 3, 2015

Just thinking on Thursday

              Good morning guys!  As always, I am so glad to know you have dropped by for a short visit.
Well.... yes.....that Dude with the Dick is still here!     Often in the past when a new dick pops into my life and I enjoy him..I let my Fuck buddies know. So they can enjoy it also.  Well... so far this time, I have not introduced this Dick to anyone.  For the time being it is all mine.  Ha!  
              I was totally amazed yesterday when I got home from work to find him fixing dinner for us. 
Damn! A Dick that knows how to Fuck properly and knows how to cook!  How in hell did I deserve this?   We ate his food...and drank the wine...and once again that Dick of his was deep in my Hole.


  1. There must be something really special about this guy...

  2. That guy is VERY special. Give him a chance

  3. I am sure the dinner was delicious, but it sounds like the dessert was even better!


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