Saturday, December 26, 2015

It's just Saturday

                Good morning my friends!  I hope you day yesterday was as wonderful as you wanted it to be.  I spent the day with my sweet Chubby Friend.  Who happens to be curled up in my bed as I wirte this post.   After a day of just hanging out on the beach and eating way too much food and haveing a few vodkas at a local bar... we picked up this skinny"STR8" tourist guy.   Yes.... he was a little drunk.  But damn was he fun.  Once he was naked..all he wanted to do was shove his Dick in any hole he could fine.  
             With condoms at the ready....we both just let him do whatever he wanted. FUN! FUN! FUN!
As much as I enjoy my Gay Buddies...Is there anything better than a drunk horny Str8 Dude?


  1. Can't choose a favorite...too many great images! 3 & 5 are just too the half naked ass in 4 (the unrevealed is often so tantalizing)! ...and the last...the mystery man with the hot, slick hole! Great post!


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