Friday, December 25, 2015


It is hard not to believe in your own self.
The inner you.  The best part of you.
The spiritually sexual you.
All the Butts you Fuck or all the Dick you suck
mean one thing....anod only one thing.
The immence power of sexing is so needed to keep you sane.
Whatever you believe in,
Whoever you pray to,
Be thankful that you are who you are.
Be thankful that you know how to keep your soul happy.
Be thankful that you are an active sexual being.
The more often you Cum the more often you are closer to finding your Bliss.  


  1. Great series of images.....I'm particularly enjoying the tantalizing butts: awesome first image delightful pair of spread cheeks, and so tempting limped of a hot ass on the penultimate! Great post!


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