Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Twos for Tuesday

             I watched him, he watched me. He was getting his Dick sucked. I was sucking on another Dick.  It was Saturday afternoon and we were just having so much sexual fun.  5 Naked guys sort of covered with sweat and cum.  5 Naked guys all hard and just enjoying the day.
            And then it hit me....I recognized the small tattoo on his naked butt cheek.  I had licked that tattoo before.  When was that? Could it have been in a dirty restroom? Could it have been at a party? 
I didn't remember.  His face did not look familiar..but that Ass did.  As he was bending over I caught a glimps of his hairy butt hole.  It was red, it was wet and...and yes... I remembered.  I had eaten that hole years ago.  
           Later in the day, when we were all sitting on the balcony eating, I noticed his soft Dick Head was leaking a little precum.  Yep! I do remember him!  I had a flashback of sitting in a restroom stall and that Dick was pounding my face and was giving me a large long creamy load to savor. I remember him pushing me on the floor and sitting on my face. I remember tasting his hole as he jerked off and came again.  
        I reminded him of that night... and he remembered....  he even remembered that he had let me Fuck him and that his boyfriend at the time was watching from the corner of the restroom.   We left the balcony and I Fucked him again...


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OH....Make sure you have had at least one good cum today!