Thursday, January 7, 2016

Chinese carry out and a Butt.

          Hi guys!  Welcome!  Thanks for checking out my blog this morning.   Grab your morning coffee and drop your undies while I tell you about last night with dear sweet Waiter Guy.
           It had been more than a week since I had seen him.  He got here around 7PM.  The first thing he does is strip down and take my soft Dick in his hand and says hello!  All my friends know that there are no clothes allowed in my apartment.  I fix him a strong Vodka and he tells me about his holidays. 
           Knock at the door.......Chinese carry out delivery.  He goes to open the door... his Cute Cut Dick hanging between his legs.  The delivery boy just stands there wide open mouth. Waiter Guy grabs a pillow and covers his Stuff and pays the poor boy.  
           We sat and ate,we sat and sipped our vodka while I watched his Dick grow.  I was already hard, Da Dick O'Mine was so pleased to see him.  
           Oops!  some noodles fell on his Balls.... I had to lick them up.  Hmm!  I poured a little Duck Sauce on his Dick and sucked it all off.  His legs were spread and my tongue looked for his hole.  Ah... such a tasty hole.  Such a beautiful pink hole surrounded buy fur.  Two fingers were in.  Three fingers were in.  His mouth is full of the spicy chicken.   I am eating a spring roll as my fingers go deeper and feel his prostate.  He is ready...I am ready.  condom on.... Dick head is sliding in.  He reaches up and feeds me more noodles as I slide deeper.  
         I pull out slide off the condom and deliver my cum on his spring roll....which he eats up!  He is ready to cum... I open my mouth super wide and take all of it.  I lean in and give it back to him in his mouth.  
       We have our fortune cookies both very happy!


  1. That delivery guy was shocked that a naked man opened the door? Really? He must be fairly new at the job, then...LOL.

  2. I am looking on my Chinese delivery menu and I don't see what you ordered on it. I need to find a new Chinese restaurant that has that sauce for my spring roll. LOL!


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