Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Just stuff.

            Good morning my friends!  It has been awhile since I thanked you all for dropping your undies and reading my posts!  So... thank you!
              Well... Waiter guy is back in town after the holidays. And I am looking forward to seeing his Butt.  I think I must have mentioned at one time or another...that his Hole tastes better than any Hole I have known.  Who knows why?  Anyway, his Butt is coming over tonight and it is my turn to play Top. 
            Oh..that wonderful Dude with The Dick.... Hot Shit! I think he might become a regular.
    My Buddhist Fuck Buddy called and he wants me to come to join him for a month.  A month?
    Randy tells me that he has sex with a pre op transexual....and it was weird.
    Chubby Guy checked in to see when he can bring a new friend for me to meet.


  1. It's sounding like you're going to have a very busy 2016! LOL.

  2. Better get a calendar to make note of all of these appointments. Don't want to miss out on any!

  3. so sexual fun for everyone here!


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