Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Hoy Shit!

                 Oh my! Oh my! Oh well!   That Dude with the Dick was back!  What is it about that Dick of his?  I just can't resist it.  He did not call first..he just showed up at 2AM.  And by 3AM he had been in my mouth. He had been in and out of my Butt Hole.  His delicioud cum filled my mouth. It tasted like warm mushroom soup.  I wanted more!  He took my undies off the floor and cleaned that Dick of his and stuffed it back in his jeans and left.    I really am getting to enjoy these middle of the night booty calls!


  1. What a lovely way to take care of one of those nocturnal boners!

  2. SHIT! is right! a middle of the night booty call is always fun.

  3. Love when a nighttime dream becomes a reality!

  4. I find the behaviour of this guy odd. Creepy.

  5. I think I'm in love with one of those dudes! ^_^ MMmmmmmmm!!!


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