Thursday, January 14, 2016

Trashy Thursday

            Good morning!  So nice to see you this morning.  And to the new readers a great big welcome.  One of you new readers sent me an email asking if I do anything else with my life but have sex.   Of course I do!  I have a full life...I work, I go to the theater, I spend long afternoons on the beach, I do all kinds of things any guy would do.  But...for me the most enjoyable thing is SEXING!  I do not think I am any more horny than any other guy.   I just do not sit back and wait for a lovely Dick to happen by.  I go out and make sure that I get what I want.  And even though I am older and have been Fucking around for a long long never gets old.  Am I right?
 new readers.... the major point of these posts is not to brag about sexing...they are to just remind each and every one of you that taking your Dick and letting him have fun is what you should be doing.    


  1. My philosophy: Do not allow one of the greatest gifts of your life to remain idle. It is there to enjoy, so enjoy it!

  2. so true!! I agree with both of you, guys!

  3. Oh my, the dude in the photo before the last one... <3

  4. just a suggestion:
    next time you got a mail asking if you have only sex in your life, try to anser a mail like this one:

    sure I do! are you perhaps envious?


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