Friday, January 15, 2016

Lovely Tasty Butts for Friday

               Good morning!  Good morning!  Good morning!  Yes! Today's photos are of some wonderful Butts.  It is interesting...last night I was looking at the Stats for this little blog... It seems that the posts that have either ''Butts" or "Ass" in the title get the most page views.  So I am assuming I have a whole gaggle of guys who really love Asses!  And I am sure one of them.   
              Little Butts, Big Butts, Smooth Butts, Furry Butts. I love them all!  But my favorite Butt is round and very should be rather smooth...with dark fur surrounding a tight pink hole. It should be ready for anything being shoved in there.  2 fingers, 3 fingers, a Butt Plug or a handy Dildo..Maybe a Banana or Cucumber and of course a good Dick or two.
                                 Ah! Da Dick O'Mine is getting hard just typing this!
       My Chubby friend has just such an Ass.  An Ass he loves to show off when ever he can. This guy really knows how to play Bottom the right way.  I've seen him take two really fat Dicks up his hole at one time.  And as luck would have it.....Da Dick O'Mine will be pounding his Hole this Saturday afternoon.   Plans are made to meet at the Turkish Baths for massages and a good Sand Scrub. And a deep inner cleansing.  He will be all fresh and tasty and ready for me to do the deed with.
    So guys..... what type of Butt do you like?  


  1. I am an equal opportunity butt lover...smooth, hairy, firm or a little more of a bubble butt. What can I say? I am greedy that way!

  2. Swimmers and dancers - IMO - have the nicest butts; firm, round, muscular. Enjoy your massage, then enjoy your buddy's butt. - a recipe for a terrific weekend.

  3. Great post! Count me in as one of the ass post fans! Not that I would turn down an ass just because it was not my "ideal," but a smooth ass with a nicely delineated, tight hole, and elegant pucker is my favorite! Pic # 1 definitely qualifies!

  4. Why yes, let's play the game. :)


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