Saturday, January 16, 2016

My first Cum!

                  This morning's post is in honor of my good blogger buddy Xersex      
  Where do I begin to explain my addiction to Cum?   I need to go way...way back for that.
     OK.... I'm 10 years old or so... I grew up in a very Catholic household. I was taught that it was even a sin to as my father put it "touch your self down there unless you are urinating"
       One night, my best friend of that time and I were spending the night in his tent in the back yard.
He was 2 years older than me and as we sat in the dark tent he pulled out his Dick to show me.  He already had some pubic hair...I did not yet.  My little Dick perked up and was getting hard.  He told me to go a head and rub on my Dick.."It feels good and you will get a surprise"
        Well.... it was a total one had told me that would happen!!  No one told me!  He told me that it would feel even better if  he was to suck on my Dick.  OMG! I had never even thought of such a thing. the early morning he did just that.  Holy fucking Shit!  I think I came in two minutes.  He slid his Dick in my mouth and told me what to do.  And I got my first taste of Cum.  
      He and I did this as often as we could.  One day months later he showed me a book about sex and and what some men do.  (it was about Ass Fucking)  We took turns trying it.  And when it was my turn to push my Dick in his hole..that is when I knew I was in Queer Heaven!   I started Sucking and Fucking with other boys at school.  I guess I had a reputation.  And so.....I got caught by a teacher one time and all hell broke loose at home.  I was grounded then sent to another school.  I did not stop doing what I had done and by the time I was 15, I packed up and headed to New York to stay with an uncle.  Mom and Dad had no idea that he was Gay.  He let me do what ever I wanted to do and thus this Slutt was born. 


  1. We all remember that first taste and that makes us smile. Thanks for sharing that story.

  2. thank you for your dedication. I'm honoured! and thanks for your comment here

    obviously your stories are always interesting and exciting!


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