Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Just Butts!

          Good morning my friends!  Thank you so much for stopping by today.  It is Wednesday, so I will once again post photos of a few Butts.  Ya know.... the past couple of posts have talked about Da Dude with Da Dick... well... I do have to mention that he has a beautiful, beautiful Ass.  Every time we  have been together so far, he has played top.  But the last time he was over...he let me lick on his hole and insert fingers in.  He enjoyed it alot....he laughed and told me next time I could be top.  
         That brings me to something I had read about the other day.  Whoever wrote the article was saying that most gay men are either total tops or total bottoms.  I think that is bullshit!  Sure there are some that only go one way.  But it seems to me that now and definately with the younger guys...Flip Fucking is  what is acceptable.   i can't imagine doing the sexing stuff any other way.
        I want to know if you Flip Fuck?  Each and every one of you reading this today, please leave an answer in the comments...


  1. Well, you know my experience! Top, no bottom.

  2. Beautiful butts in this post. And yes, I am a certified flip flopper!

  3. Love the butts! Not a smoker, but 6 is a truly awesome image... Exceptionally fine job on the part of the photographer who posed and captured this hot guy. ...and the last one... Just plain fun! Great set! ...and as to the question.. like taking it and giving it!

  4. Hi,
    Can you add my blog please 101 Hot Guys (added yours )

  5. I'm only top, but I'm more strange, because I don't like so much anal sex!


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