Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Twos for Tuesday

             Yikes!   That Dude with Da Dick Pounded my Butt Hole again yesterday.  It seems that I am playing Bottom much more often than usual.    And I am loving it!   He even had a sort of converssation with me this time.  He sat on the floor and told be a little bit about his life... And I was surprised to find out that he is only 23.  Shit!  I had no idea he was that young.  He is so expert at Topping I was sure he was much older.   I told him all about William's Sex parties and he wants to be invited.   He is in luck because William has one coming up in  a few weeks.   I want all my buddies to be able to sample this Dude.  
        OH....... thanks for the tons of emails I have gotten over the past couple of days.... I will answer each and every one of them tonight.


  1. And, so, what is it that makes a guy an expert at topping? I've topped only a couple people; my first wife loved it and would ask me for it, a guy asked me to fuck him and we weren't much of a fit, I guess.

  2. not so mucgh into anal sex, but when I made my first blowjob, it seemed I have spend my whole life sucking dicks!


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