Saturday, January 23, 2016

Oh yes it is Saturday!

           Good morning!  To those of you that are stuck home because of the winter snow storm.... stay safe and stay indoors and go ahead and just spend the day jerking off.
       So let me catch you up on what has been going on here at Queer Heaven lately.  And yes it does have to do with Da Dude with Da Dick.   He has become quite the regular visitor.  It seems he has decided to stay in town for awhile.   He got a job at one of the clubs here as a bar back.  He does not have an apartment yet....  I found out he is sleeping at different guy's places each night.  And the funny thing is that one of these guy's happens to be one of my fuck buddies Randy.  Ha! 
      I had not heard from Randy for a couple of weeks, so when I called him the other day, he was telling me about the new Guy who has been Fucking him.  Before long I realized this was the same Dude who has been Fucking me.   So we swapped stories and decided we should have a threesome. 
                                So.......guess what my Butt will be doing this afternoon?  


  1. Great small world story!
    1 - perfect...this blog as intended to be read!
    2 & 5: really fine images.
    7: intense look, sexy pose pulls me in!

  2. Cannot wait to hear about the threesome. I am so curious as to what Da Dude With Da Dick's dick looks like. It must be awesome!

  3. hope you enjoyed! happy sunGAY!!!


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