Saturday, January 9, 2016

The reality of getting too drunk

        Ok.......! lets get real here this morning!  My post about Waiter Guy and the Chinese Carry Out...
Well...there is someething I did not say..which I really should clarify.   A word of caution about Sexing while drinking too much Vodka.  YOU FALL ASLEEP!  And if you remember me telling you about the noodles on his Pubes..or the Duck Sauce on Da Dick........Do not curl up an fall asleep!  You wake up in the morning a total sticky mess. 
      He was waking up and I was just laying there on the couch with him. We looked at eachother and really laughed.  Waiter Guy's Dick was super hard, but his Balls were stuck to his leg.  I guess a mixture of dried Cum and Duck Sauce acts like a glue!  Why were there noodles on my chest? 
     He leaned in and went to kiss me....wowah... he tasted so bad!  I am sure I was no better.  
And on the floor, next to the pile of empty carry out cartons and 2 empty bottles of Vodka was not only a few used condoms...... but the half naked delivery guy!   I think I sort of remember  him coming back to the apartment much later and if I am correct I think he Came on my face!
                                             Damn...I LOVE being a Gay Man.  


  1. How is it that your posts are both sexy and funny at the same time?
    I just really love your blog.

  2. Damn...I LOVE being a Gay Man.

    me too!


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