Monday, February 8, 2016

Da Dicks

        Good morning!   Thanks for dropping by this morning.  I trust you had a wonderful weekend.  A weekend filled with food, drink. friends and fun.  I do hope that each ande every one of you got your dose of Cum.  I know this is nothing scientific at all.... just my own reasoning.... It is important for your health to let your Dick Cum often.  We all know that.  But I think that for your spiritual health a good dose of Cum in your mouth is also important.   Well...if not spiritual least it taste so good.  It is not like sipping a cola or anything.... each and every guy's cum tastes so different. am I right?  
       Anyway... I got my good dose of Cum on Friday then again twice on Saturday and yesterday a new Dick gave me his.  Ah.........Cum!!!!!


  1. Ah, but it is scientifically is now suggested that a man should cum each and every day. Particularly if he is in the process of attempting to become a father...younger sperm are stronger sperm. Regardless, the more often we cum, the more we keep the toxins cleared from the prostate. Cum, then cum again!

  2. love cum!!! give and receive cum into my mouth!

  3. let me add aomething about cum, and swallowing cum.

    Are we unconsciously doing this therapy ?

  4. Some cute boys AF in here!! :)


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