Saturday, February 6, 2016


It makes me wonder. Most people think they are here to have a religious existence.  Perhaps we are spiritual beings here briefly to have a human sexual experience.
          Good morning my dear readers!   I've been sitting here sipping on my morning coffee and reading my emails froma few readers.  John... Thank you so much for your support.  Alan....Yes! I do think that having sex often is the key to a great long life.   Paul....When did I come out?  Well, if you read some of my old posts, you will find that I never really was in any closet.  I've been Sucking and Fucking guys openly since I was a teenager.   
         As for last night's Birthday dinner for my buddy Randy....We had a really nice dinner and chat.  When we were done eating an just lingering over some Flan.... over walks this delightfully chubby Chinese guy, he takes Randy by the hand and says "Happy Birthday Randy...I'm your present for the evening"  Randy is dumfounded! He laughs and says"Really?"  I look at Randy and get up and just say "have fun".     I am sure I will find out all about his gift today.
       Ok.... getting myself ready to head over to the Turkish Baths for my day of pamering myself.
My friends.... do yourself a favor today....make sure you get some Sexing in.  A good dose of Cum in your mouth always makes the world seem a better place. 

This last photo I swipped from a very cool blogger Rudeboy


  1. A day of pampering is always a good thing. Enjoy!

  2. A good dose of Cum in your mouth always makes the world seem a better place.

    love and share this statement!

  3. Thank you for the link and comments. What would be nicer is for you to add me to your bloglist as I have done so for your blog. Love your blog, keep it real bro.


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OH....Make sure you have had at least one good cum today!