Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Twos for Tuesday

He stopped and said hello. He stopped and said hello. 
 His hair was dirty blond, his chest hair was the same.
  The pubic hair peaking above his shorts was dark and full and very curly. 
 He had been running and was sweaty and dripping.  His scent was strong and over powering.  
He must have Cum earlier, I could smell him as he got closer.

Looking back....This guy was Fucking my sister. This guy was Fucking my sister.  He was to be my brother in law.  But I knew his secret.  I was his secret.  I was his fun. 
 They have been married for ten years now.... 2 kids.... and still when ever they are in town.... yes! I am still his secret. 

                                          Have you ever had sex with your brother in law?


  1. Never had sex with a brother-in-law. But that fact that yours seeks you out is nothing wrong. He enjoys playing with cock once in a while, and that he chooses one he knows and is familiar with is perfectly fine. There are SO MANY bisexuals in the world...we need to allow them to be themselves. Yes?

  2. nothing wrong! even if it was your own brother!

    enjoy my last post:

  3. Man on man is perfect (for me). The best combo there is. :)

  4. Love the twos for "Twosday"! 3 is so sweet!


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