Friday, March 18, 2016

Happy Friday

It entered me slowly....that Dick of his.
My hole is tightly closed.
I relax.
It pushes past the tightness....that Dick of his.
My hole is slightly open.
I breath.
It pushes deeper....that Dick of his.
My hole is wet, My hole is ready.
I groan.
It takes a long thrust...that Dick of his.
My hole hole hole is.
He pounds away as he smiles.
A tear drops from my eye.
I'm in pain...I am in joy.
Fuck me harder....Fuck me harder....Fuck me harder.
It is still deep inside as I Cum.
OMG, that Dick of his!


  1. Damn! You sure describe what getting fucked is like so good.
    yes, happy friday!

  2. Such an amazingly intense, tour de force description of being taken hard, well and deep! Outstanding writing! ...and accompanied by appropriately hot images, right from that first shot of the hand feeling up that sweet ass!


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