Saturday, March 19, 2016

Saturday Sexing

Holy Fuck!  Yeah I did succumb... That Dude with Da Dick is still hanging here at my apartment. 
         I fel sort of like some stupid young Queer going crazy over this Dick.  It is so odd!  This Guy does not talk much, this guy does not eat much, this guy does not shower much... this guy just sleeps and Fucks.  He has been here 3 days this time and I think he has shoved his Dick in my mouth or my Butt at least 3 times a day so far.  
       This really is some sort of dream..... You all know that I do my best to get sex as often as possible.  But this Dick is just something different.  Do not ask me why...I have no clue.  Reall yno clue.    It is an average Cut Dick not too big and not too small. But when it is sliding in and out of my Hole... there is a kind of sap of electricity that goes thru my body.  I do not get it...but I sure do like it.


  1. Keep enjoying the sexing! (I am a little jealous! LOL!)

  2. glad you enjoyed so much!

    my tribute to Spring


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