Monday, March 28, 2016

Sunday Evening!

         Sitting alone in a public restroom stall. The door slightly open. It was 6PM or so.  The beach Boys were  heading back from thier day in the water and getting read to head home.  Perfect time!  Everybody needs a good piss before leaving the beach.  I wait...I wait... I wait.  My shorts are around my ankles, my slightly hairy belly is sort of covers my sweaty Pubic Hair. Da Dick O'Mine is excited!   You just never know what will happen.  I see a pair of legs walking towards the stall.... he opens the door and slides in.  He is totally cute! He is totally hot! He is Hard under his swim trunks!
        His Dick is out and in my mouth. He tastes of the Ocean.  I'm sucking and sucking and he pops his tasty load completely in my mouth.  He is soft and he is gone.   I wait...I wait...I wait.  Another pair of legs approach. This one is fat and hairy and wants to sit on Da Dick O'Mine. Condom on and his is seated on me. He rocks back and forth.  He is moaning as he laughs.   He get up and jerks off on my lips. He is gone.  
       I sit there a little longer jerking myself and in walks an older guy..well, really my age.... He pulls out his Uncut Dick and jerks off in like two seconds. This time I cum...
  A very good Sunday Evening!


  1. It sounds like you had a great time. Thanks for sharing your wonderful adventures with all of us!

  2. what a marvellous Easter you had!

    enjoy my Easter posts here


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