Wednesday, March 2, 2016


             Good morning!  Thanks for stopping by my little blog.  I woke up this morning with major morning wood.  Don't you love that feeling?  It was really early like 4AM or so. I took my wood out to my front terrace and let him fell the morning breeze.  He was really enjoying it.  So much so that he kept telling me to go ahead and jerk him off. So........I took the matter in hand and after not to long at all I had dropped a nice load of Cum on the terra-cotta floor.  Nice way to begin the day.
          I got inside and fixed my morning coffee and was deciding what to post about when my Butt Hole was twitching.  Oh!  He wants to be Fucked! was way to early to try and find a good Dick to do the deed.  So.. out came my trusty Dildo.  And it went right in as I sat on the lovely toy.  I bounced up and down until I could feel another Cum coming.  Ah! two times before work.... so nice.
        Iwonder how many of you use Dildos or other fun sex toys?


  1. I do have toys that I use...couple of vibrators, an assortment of cock rings, a small selection of jack-off sleeves, and one large dildo I gave my wife for her birthday one year. We both love playing with it.

  2. Great images, especially that first one!

  3. Damn good photos today. Yes, I have a Dildo that has been used often.

  4. love the great couple of whkattk and his wife, for their complicity!


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