Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Ah Wednesday!

                 Good morning my dear readers!  As always I am super glad to know that you might the enjoying the post today.   As for yesterday's post..... yep!  A new Fuck Buddy was found.  He is funny, he is sweet, he is hot, he is Cut and very, very tasty!  And he is a young Italian and a chef!!  He had answered an ad I put on line when I was looking for a new underwear buddy.  It did take almost two weeks of back and forth before we finally met for the Sexing. And it was totally WOW!  I can't wait to eat his Dick and Ass again!  Since I am sure he will become a regular thing...he needs a name... and I think Luca fits him perfectly.    Just to help you to get to know him better..the Dude in the photo above is almost exactly his shape ans size and type.   Pretty good, don't you think?


Ok Horny guys, leaving a message lets me know what you think.
OH....Make sure you have had at least one good cum today!