Friday, April 22, 2016

Just some Butts

         Good morning all!  Just a quick post this morning.  First, I would like to wish all my Jewish Queers a Happy Passover.  Anf the rest of you a Cum filled weekend.  
         I just wanted to get one thing very clear.... Where ever I am and with whom ever I am with if I am going to do any anal intercourse.... a condom is a must!  A good example is william's upcoming party, None of the Rentbois or the guests will be allowed to do Butt Fucking without a Condom. He always has piles of condoms everywhere.  
       Oh, and while I am talking about his party.....A new reader asked in an email how can he afford to rent all those boys for an entire evening.   Well... for one thing he has tons of money...Yes hes pays the guys a medium fee for the entire evening, but the rest of us, his guests are expected to leave a heafty tip for the Rentbois.   Usually each of us leave at least $100.00 in the Tip bowl... so these boys do ok!


Ok Horny guys, leaving a message lets me know what you think.
OH....Make sure you have had at least one good cum today!