Thursday, April 28, 2016

My Buddy Randy

Randy!  Oh fuckin' hot Randy!  Lets see.... I guess the first time I met Randy was on a beautiful Spring day.  I was relaxing with a friend, nude at the clothing optional beach.  This guy walks by us. He is in his mid twenties and the first thing I notice is his massive dark Pubic Bush! So full and thick that his Dick just managed to peek out.  My friend and I both commented to each other what a beautiful Bush that was.  A little later in the day this same guy walks by again..... this time his Dick is not hidden. Nope, it is at full erection!  It is one thing to feel free enough to be on a nude beach, but to walk around with a full beautiful that really takes balls!
A few days later, I was riding my bike and who  do I see but that same guy walking along the street. He is in a pair of running shorts and I can tell he has no  undies on.  I want to stop him and say something. But I don't.  Then as I pull my bike over and light a cigarette, he comes up to me me and says something like  "I saw you the other day on the beach and thought you looked great" Ok...that did it.... I wanted his Bush  in my face!
After he was naked and I found out that he was a Flip Fucker..and that he laughed out loud when 
Da Dick O' Mine slid in his furry hole.  No guy had ever laughed with glee while being fucked.
I knew this Randy guy would become a regular.  
But of course the real test was when I got to taste his Cum. It has been 4 years Delicious Cum and his 
laughter and total freedom that keeps me always wanting more from him.

    Before I leave this morning I wanted to post this great photo!  It is from a good blogger buddy who posts some of the most wonder photos he has taken.  Check Mark's Blog out here.


  1. Wow! thank you! I am honored. Made my day.

    The Male Casting Couch

  2. Great post, QH! Awesome first shot and love Mark's work (last shot) great story about Randy today (and that following yesterday's waiter guy and really cool poetry before that)!

  3. the purple guy is marvellous!


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