Wednesday, April 27, 2016

My Waiter Guy

We met 7 years ago today. He was my waiter at a small outdoor cafe. I was with friends eating and drinking. When he brought another round of Vodkas to the table, he rested his hand on my shoulder and smiled.  That did it! That smile got me.  When we were almost finished with our meal, I got up and went to the restroom.  So, there I am standing at the urinal releaving myself of many,many glasses of Vodka.... and there he was....he whispered in my ear "play with me!" He gave me his cell number and left the room.  We have been Best Buddies ever since. 
He Fucks like a pro, He Sucks like a deamon, He Bottoms like a champ!  
His Uncut Dick is beautiful. His Ass is full and round and furry.
And best of all drinking his Cum is like wild mushroom soup!
I do love this guy...this Waiter Guy! 


  1. Sometimes you meet someone and things It's such a great experience!

  2. and love your poetic touch in your textes!


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