Thursday, April 14, 2016

Thursday's Question.....

           Good morning my friends........ I hope you woke up with a nice morning boner!  And if yo woke up alone, I sure hope that you took care of that boner.  And that you made sure to lick up all your Cum.  Or if you woke up with a friend....I hope that the two of you did what you needed to do to swap Cum.  A good dose of Tasty Cum to start the day!  
            I have a quick question for you...nothing earth shattering or even really important.  But I always wonder what other guys do.   If there is a guy...any guy...any age walking towards you...what is the first part of his body do your eyes automaticly go to??   You all know that I can be quite shallow...and yes...the first thing I notice is the bulge in his crotch.   Since I live in a beach town, more often than not the guy that is walking towards me will have on shorts and lately it seems that most of the guys are going commando.  I LOVE underwear..... but seeing a guy walking down the street and noticing his Dick bouncing about.. Is such a turn on for me.


  1. This morning I did wake up with a boner. A really good, hard one - which as you know is very rare for me because of my M.D. It's always a treat for me now.
    Yep. The first place my eyes go is the bulge. I've also noticed more and more guys commando - their cocks swinging or pressed against the material, the outline quite visible. I love it because it means more and more men are shedding the shame of having a cock.

  2. I think it may be face or body, but the hot guy in jeans on the job site yesterday had a bulge I could not resist checking out! Of course I really wanted to check out his ass, but backpack and shirt blocked the view I wanted most! :-)

  3. I have to say that my eyes go to a guy's butt first unless it is summertime and he is wearing flip flops or is barefoot. Then my attention might go to his feet first. Probably no surprise for anyone who knows much about me!


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