Friday, April 15, 2016

Fuck me Friday!

I'm off to the beach this morning.  I do not need to be at work until after 1PM.  My butt hole is really itching and I really need to be Fucked really hard.  I need that full feeling deep in my Hole. I need to have my hair pulled and my neck bitten. I want to scream with pain and laugh with pleasure. I want my Balls to tighten and my Dick to stand at attention. I want to feel a pair of Balls slapping on my Butt. I want to be a pig bottom and get Fucked in the bushes. Outside, free and open....If someone watches...all the better.


  1. Down and dirty at the beach... Enjoy your weekend!

  2. he's so good to enjoy!!!
    I'd say: well skilled!


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