Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Twos for Tuesday

              Good morning!  Thank you so much for dropping by today.  I hope you woke up with a nice morning wood.  I also hope that you are thinking of your next sexual encounter.  I know that the ones that are not planned are often the best ones.  
            Like you happen to bump into a dude who looks at you twice and you notice that he has that certain smile. And right then you know you want to lick his butt Hole and taste his Cum.  It does happen..you know it does. So.....what do you do? Smile and walk away, or..... walk up to him and say hello?  You just never know what that little word "hello" can accomplish!  More often than not..you will get to do some cool sexing with him.

        It does not matter if you usually play Top or Bottom....whoever you happen to be naked with I am sure they would love you to finger and then taste their Hole.  Even dudes who say they do not want that done to them...listen...they really do!  I am not saying to jump right in a Shove your Dick up thier Bum.... of course not... take it slow...thake it easy...play with their hole and ...well you just never know....! 
      Take The Dude with Da Dick as a good example.... He had been Fucking me for weeks off and on, which was super great. But then one night I stuck my finger in his Hole and he let out a squeal and I knew that I could top him.  Believe it or not.this highly sexual Dude had never been fucked... So..you just never know.


  1. It can happen...the random smile, the friendly hello, the handshake that lingers. Then all it takes is a glance to the crotch...

  2. Great post, QH! Always look forward to Twos on Tuesday and this is a great post...words and images! Especially love the hands on the butt and fingers in the hole!


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