Friday, May 27, 2016


              Good morning my friends!  thank you for dropping by this morning.  Well... there is a holiday weekend this weekend.  Are you planning any good stuff?  Any good Sexing?  I sure hope so.
You have got to keep that Dick of your happy!  You need to listen tohim and takehis advice and let him do what he wants to.
              Me and Da Dick O'Mine are going to a small pool party on Saturday with a bunch of older guys.  I love playing and sexing with the younger ones, but sometimes it is nice to spend the day naked with guys my own age.  There is one guy who will be there that I have seen around town for the past 15 years and have never gotten to eat his Butt Hole.  So that is totally one thing on my agenda!
                                 What is your Dick telling you to do this weekend?  


  1. My dick is telling me to find some fun this holiday weekend!

  2. you know my dick takes me at my sex club every sunGAY!!!

  3. My cock was telling me to get naked with some men. But that is not working out so well, so I'm getting naked alone and enjoying my hand.....


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