Monday, May 16, 2016

Monday Evening

Holy fuck!  What is going on with blogger???
Are any of you also having problems inserting photos on your blog?
   I wanted to tell you about my super super trashy Sunday.  You all know that even though I try to live by Buddhist thought... A littel bit od down snd dirty trash is good for the soul.  Well, at least MY soul!
   A little bit of piss on my chest always makes me feel so incredible. Or having his Dick near my ass hole and let him deliver some pee inside me.  
I know, I know... lots of you find this not to sexy. but for me...yep I love it.
You see there is this young guy who I had met a couple of years ago....He pissed on me one evening and that was it.  I would never bring this up with any sexing partner..that is unless they bring it up first.

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  1. everyone has his fixations: me, for example, I don't love piss but I adore cum, I like feet, but I knoew some people don't share my feetish.


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