Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Twos for Tuesday

                Good morning all my dear faithful readers!   Thanks for all your support.  I love getting emails from you and most of all I love finding comments on the blog.
                Last night I was sucking on a new Dick...a cute Dick..a Cut Dick.  while I was enjoying myself with this tasty Dick in my mouth....My mind went back to the very first Dick I ever sucked.
Yes...I do remember it very well.  I was 13..he was older by 2 years and a family friend.  We were in my mom's basement just hanging out listening so some  music when he asked to see my Dick, I showed him mine and he pulled out his.  Mine was soft and his was hard as a rock. He took my head and said I should lick on it.  Well....once I tasted it.... I wanted more...And so it began!! 
      Do you remember the first Dick you sucked on?


  1. I do remember. It was my uncle's. I was in my 20's he was in his 30's.

  2. I certainly do. I was in my 20's, he was a honest-to-god Iowa farm boy probably a few years older. We were both married and ravenous for cock that day.

  3. sucking dicks so sooo special: every time is like my first time!!! and I love it!!!


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