Thursday, May 19, 2016


           Good morning all!  I hope your day began with some Cum!  Do not forget to jerk off each and every morning in May.  Well, all year round for that matter!!  We all know how good a Cum makes us feel.
            Well....... Saturday is The Rentboi Party.  I am so looking forward to it.  It is always the highlight  of the season.  So much amazing fun!  And you know that I will tell you all about it on Sunday.  So make sure you check in on Sunday to hear all the dirt!  And this will be the first time that Da Dude with Da Dick will be there.    I had told William about him awhile ago.  And William wanted to test him out to maybe see if he would like to be one of the Rentboi performers.   After a session with William's twink, he got hired.
         OOPS! Da Dick O'Mine just got hard thinking about it.  I'll say goodbye for now...I think I shall try for a second jerk off this morning.


  1. Can we switch lives!!!
    Enjoy the party.

  2. Those parties always sound like such fun!

  3. Looking forward to all of the juicy details about this coming weekend!

  4. your life is full of joy, exp. sexual joy!


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