Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Wednesday's Question

            So........ Is it possible to have too much sex?  Every once in awhile I will get an email or two from readers who ask just that question.  I really do not know how to answer that.  I only know what works for me.  Look at the guy in the photo above.... a good look?  Lets say you and he were spending the weekend together.  And he told you that he wanted to do sexual things with you every hour on the hour.  How would you react?  Be truthful!   I know that I would tell him that I would sure give it a try.  
          I know from checking my daily pageviews in the stats, that there are at least 100 of you that are reading this post. So...if you never have left a comment is the time.... I really want to know how you feel.


  1. The ONLY instance when it would be considered "too much" is if it has interrupted a life; it takes over everything: work, sleep, eating, socializing.
    If your cock gets sore, or doesn't get hard after a lot of sex, don't worry, it'll be back after a period of rest.

  2. I've never been in a situation where I wondered if I was having too much sex. But I would not mind trying to find out.

  3. I think there is no such thing as too much sex. How can something so wonderful be overdone? I whack off at least two or three times a day and try to get laid as often as possible. Of course being bi doubles my chances.


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