Friday, June 3, 2016

Hello Friday!

              Good morning my friends!  So great to know that you have dropped by this morning.  As I sit here putting together today's post...... there is a totally cute nude dude sprawled out on my bed.  He is sound asleep and slightly snooring. His Dick is soft and laying on his full bush.  I can see and smell the dried Cum.  There are used condoms on the floor by the bed.  We took  turns Fucking each other last night.  And I mean a real Flip Fuck Fest.
           He is the 23 year old son of a guy I went to highschool with.  I had not seen him in years and years.  He is in town for a business confrence.  He called yesterday to say hello and wanted to meet up.   No sooner than whne we meet for drinks is totally clear to bothof us that Fucking would be on the menu.  The sort of weird thing is ..... his dad and I used to suck eachother off way back in those highschool years.  So this ts the first time for me to be able to say I have hadsex with both a father and his son.   Am I weird to think that is pretty cool?


  1. completely cool..... good for you!

  2. I think it is cool. The question is...who was better? LOL!

  3. Cool. I always wonder how these guys just seem to fall in your bed. Have fun. DD

  4. completely cool!!!! be proud of and for you!


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