Friday, June 17, 2016

Juan is in town.

          Good morning my friends. Happy Friday to you!  To those of you who sent emails this week..thanks!  I will answer them all tonight. 
           My dear sweet rentboi buddy Juan is in town for a booking. This guy is so good at his job, that he has clients all over the country.  And as an old friend.... I get his services free!  He Topd like a pro and Bottoms just like a slut!  And...he is funny as hell!  
           His Cut Dick is perfect.... his Balls a large and low hanging.... his Pubes are bushy... his ass is roud and firm... and his hole is tight and tasty!  and for some reason....maybe because he is a Vegan his Cum is super tasty!   
           You can tell I am looking forward to his weekend visit.   

P.S. I am ready for anything this weekend!

1 comment:

  1. a great planning! how much old is he?
    love your care on the taste of cum!!!


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