Saturday, June 18, 2016

The basics

           Well..... good morning and happy Saturday to all of you! I will admit I am a little hungover this morning it is 9AM as I write this. I should have learned by now not to mix Vodka, Burbon and Beer all in the same night!
         When I woke up and looked around my apartment, it seems that there was a lot of drinking going on here. But to my delight...spralled out on the sofa was a really fat Dick...A Dick I remember sucking last night. Hmmm... I do not rememer that Dick's name. Also,  Waiter Guy was half naked asleep in a chair... his beautiful Dick seems to be stuck to his pubic bush.  
         Oh yes! I do remember.....Waiter Guy dropped by last night with a new friend for me to meet. They both had been out clubbing and drinking.  I had been just relaxing in my underwear with a few vodkas.  When Waiter guy suggested that I take a look at his new freind's Dick....well...of course I did and proceeded to take it in my mouth and enjoy.  Anyway..... I need to make this short, I need to go back to bed..... this new Dick took turns fucking me and Waiter Guy.  In one the in the other,in one then in the other until we all came.  Ha! 
       They both left awhile ago.... now back to sleep for me. 


  1. Your stories are priceless. Thanks for the smile.

    1. I use to say QH writes with such poetic touch!


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