Sunday, June 19, 2016

Sunday Sermon...........Us older guys can be so hot!

        Waiter Guy's new "friend" did something that most randon Dicks do not do.   He actually called me to let me know how much fun he had the other night at my apartment.  He wants to return the favor by hosting at his place.  He let me know that he as never had any type of sex with an older guy. And that he was so surprised at how cool it was.  He also mention how sort of weird it was to fuck a guy who was most likely older than his father.
      The lesson he learned is one that I have been trying to get across since I started this blog almost 7 years ago.  Older guys are just as sexy and hot as younger guys.  We might not get as hard as a 21 year old or get erect as fast.  But.... now listen to this......We older guys have used our Dicks more often and longer that these young dudes.   I admit that I have had sex with hundreds of guys..maybe even a thousand over my years of sexing since I was a teen.  So...of course I know what to do.
    So...... I am looking forward to getting together with this New Dick and really find out exact all the things that he is capable of.    


  1. AMEN! Now go spread the word to all the young hotties.

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