Monday, August 1, 2016

        Hello my friends!  Thank you all for the wonderful emails!  I'm at the little cafe a mile or so from where I am staying.  I really do not have time to leave any comments on your blogs...just know that I am thiking of all of you.
        Well.... I am still "homeless" and my job on hold for the rest of the summer.  So...what does any good self respecting Gay Buddhist do..... just tak it with a grain of salt and take each day at a time.  I am totally loving this Nudist lifestyle.  It is just amazing how freeing it all is.  Not to mention the super sexy neighbor guys.  They live on a small farm about 3 miles from where I am staying.  I spent most of the weekend with them Fucking and Sucking and just plain having fun. 
      Ok...i've been in these clothes for the past 4 hours.... time to head back to my place and shed them.  Today is a great day to lounge by the lake and let Da DickO'Mine enjoy the sun.


  1. Beautiful set of images...enjoy your naked time!

  2. This is a great time to enjoy yourself. Stay naked as much as possible!

  3. Take full advantage of the time you have there: Naked as much as possible, and enjoying those neighbors as much as possible. Maybe, just maybe, you'll meet some new folks at the lake.

  4. hope you'll find a home as soon as possible, but I hope you'll enjoy your sex!


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