Sunday, September 11, 2016


                 Good morning my friends!  Thanks for the emails and comments. Well.... I hate to let you all know this, but I might not be able to post again for awhile.  It is nothing bad or anything, I just will not have access to the internet.  You see.... these past few days my host had a friend here who had his pc here and I am using it to post.   My host does not have the internet at his place. As a mater of fact he does not even have a phone here.  He truly lives off the grid.! 
                So...I will be back with another post as soon as I  take the time to walk into town and use the internet at the cafĂ©.  But until then....I just want to let you all know that spending all this time here has been just amazing.  As you know...I have been naked almost the entire time and was able to do some really good thinking and sexing.
             That naked dude who sat with me on the rock is a super sweet guy. His Dick fits my hole just right. And his Ass is so beautiful!  And best of all.... every part of his body tastes sooooo good! I am heading over to his little house this afternoon for a meditation and Cum session.. Oh..did mention that his loads of Cum are just the best I have had in years.  I have mentioned here before how much I enjoy the taste of Cum.  Every guy I have ever been with on more than one occasion has had Cum that tastes different.   I even enjoy my own Cum.
          Take my advice and get out of  your own way and go somewhere and sit naked for at least a full day and night.  Cum often either alone or with another...! 

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