Saturday, September 10, 2016

Questions and answers

How often?
more than you know.
How many?
more than I can count.
When did you start?
I was 13.
Who was your first?
a camp counselor
What happened?
he sucked my young dick.
What did you think?
I was amazed!
And then what?
I sucked on him and tasted my first Cum.
And your first Fuck?
a few months later with someone different,
How did that happen?
I was sucking off guys at school in the restrooms and an older guy just turned me over and well Fucked me.
So, you like being a bottom?
what is not to like? with the right dick it just feels amazing.
And you top also?
of course, I am totally a flip flopper.
What is your "type"?
my favorite "type" is a smooth guy who is cut and knows how to play the sex game.
What do you mean by that?
he needs to be able to do the sexing anywhere and anytime and know that what we are doing is totally just for the fun of it.  I mean, sex is supposed to be hang ups, no worries just plain fun.
What is your favorite part of sex?
without a doubt, having a full creamy load of Cum in my mouth.  I can tell if  I want that sex partner again if  he cums in my mouth and his cum tastes good.
So, the taste of Cum is important?
From reading your blog you seem to like the trashier side of sex.
well... plain old sex is just that..plain old sex. It seems to me that since sex is fun, why not keep it fun by doing things that might be out of the box.
having sex in a crowded restroom, or sucking on a dick while in the back of a bus. Or pissing on your partner's ass and licking it up. There are so manythings to do sexually without hurting anyone.
So, finally, how many sex partners have you had?
Ha! Like any upstanding Queer, how could I count. I've been sexing for well over 40 years, so maybe hundreds and hundreds!!
Thank you all for the questions....



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  1. very very interesting! Good questions and very interesting answers!


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