Saturday, October 1, 2016

That young Dude

      Saturday Evening and all is well.....Me and the young dude spent the day out in the woods. Roaming around then down to the little creek. He seems to be getting better and realizes that just because his father threw him out does not mean he is a bad person.
     We sat on an old log and I listened to  him and let him just talk. He told me his whole story.  His father is a bible thumping Christian. His mother goes to church every morning and all day on Saturdays.  He first started sucking on Dicks when he was 14. (like most of us) His father caught him and a friend nude and on top of each other late one night,   That was discussion....he was kicked out of  his home...with out even time to grab some clothes! 
    After he told me the full story....he just sat there... he just looked so forlorn. I took his head in my hands and placed it on my chest....."It will get better...forget your are safe here to be who you are!"

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