Thursday, December 22, 2016

Learning to eat ass

       I had time to check my emails and was so happy to hear from quite a few of you all!
Thanks so much and oh yes this life here is just amazing! And I was going to stay here for only a month or so.....but I have a feeling I might stay longer.
    The past week was spent mostly teaching the younger newbies the correct way lick and eat an ass!
Also how to finger a hole and how to slowly insert 2 or 3 fingers and reach for the prostate.
We also had a good session of demonstrating how to make sure that you are clean deep inside.
We were given a free day on Tuesday and I spent it just sitting naked and letting one of the newbies practice sucking dick!  All day long!!! This one needed to learn how important it is to swallow Cum. He is 28, I think, and never had swallowed before..
lets see....It is now 9PM and I need to get to a 3 in one Fuck I will schedule this for you.
Cheers from QH to you!...


  1. Great set! Think I have the ass-eating routine down pretty well, but wouldn't mind a couple of pointers from the master!

  2. Great post. Although It's not my thing to do, I could still appreciate those beautiful buttholes you've shared with us. By the way, welcome back Sir !

    The Male Casting Couch

  3. sure it's so important to swallow cum!

  4. Perhaps had I been part of something like this, I would've learned to enjoy all of that. Swallowing cum, though - yes...that I do.

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OH....Make sure you have had at least one good cum today!