Sunday, December 18, 2016

Another update.

    My friends! My dear friends! Yes....I have been here for two weeks and this place is just what I expected. Maybe even a little more so.
   There is a Master, his 2 helpers and 4 of us living here. There has been 8 or 10 other guys that have been through for sessions so far. It is so amazing!  No one talks....not a peep! Only when we chant.
  A little run down for you.....
Mornings start at 4AM with a morning jerk off then....we sit naked and chant until 7AM
There is tea and bread and fruit at 9AM
10AM to 3PM we sit or lay naked and meditate on each other's body parts. One day it might be the chin, another day it might be an ear or a nose. 
4 to 6PM we eat in silence a large meal of some type of seafood.
6 to 9Pm another naked meditation and then a body scrub.
11 to 1AM we have wine and begin the sexing. We are told to try and cum at least twice.
The candles are out and we each take a partner to sleep with. 
I will be back as often as I to keep you all posted. (  we do have internet and computers in the main hall.)


  1. Enjoyed reading about life there and also enjoyed the photos in this post a lot!

  2. I've been absent from leaving comments - and I certainly apologize.

    This sounds positively wonderful. I think I would love doing this - for a while, anyway. I'm sure that I would learn a lot.... The total nudity, the openness of the cock being hard, the purposeful and mindful cumming twice per day...Wow!
    Enjoy it all, Michael!

  3. Not a lot of time for sleep! I like to sleep in :)


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