Friday, December 16, 2016

My first week at my new home.

     The quiet mornings and the silent afternoons morph into a rage of moans and groans in the evenings.  We are nude, we are silent, we meditate.  Dicks hang soft and lovely slightly hidden by dark curly hair. The scruff on our faces is growing. Our asses have been scrubbed and cleaned. Filled with scented water and then released in a pool.  We whisper, we chant, we wait!
   Evening arrives....the others enter. Their bodies are glowing from a fresh wash and oiling. Every Dick is ready. Every man.... each one... stops to empty his full bladder.
   The master approaches each of them.... and one by one...makes sure they are hard. We each take each Dick one at a time. As we Cum...we Cum as close to one as one can.  We all sit naked and give thanks.  



  1. Sounds like things are going very well for you. So glad to hear that. Keep us posted on all of the great life experiences that you are enjoying.

  2. Welcum back! Great post!....and in response to the question in the penultimate pic...absolutely!

  3. I read all is going well. So happy for you!


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