Tuesday, December 6, 2016

A final post for now!

        Good morning my dear sweet faithful readers!  Yes, I am still alive and well!  I am over whelmed at the number of emails wondering what happened to my posts.  Let me explain.....
         It has bee almost 6 years or more that I have done these daily posts. I am now at a place in my head that I am going to take a major break from posting. I might be back, but for now this will be the last one for a while.
       I started this blog to really let you guys know that being Gay and being open and active is so important to you and your health. And extremely important to your Spiritual health also.  I hope that I have gotten that across.....But now, my life is taking a turn, a turn that I was not expecting.
     I am moving from this wonderful clothing free place in the woods to a similar place on the other side of  Florida.  It is a new group of men..a new group to totally empower guys to be as sexual as possible.  It is run by an amazing gentleman who believes as I do, that sexing is one of the most important things in ones life.  And he teaches the "hows" of being great at doing the deed. 
   So.this old Queer will be spending days and nights Fucking and Sucking and Meditating.
If there are any of you who might be interested in finding out more about this little group, please email me at queerheaven86@gmail.com
  As always..remember that you are very special, you are very special because you were made Gay. Remember to keep your Dick happy and keep you Hole happy. Sexing is just so important!!
 With all my love,
Michael from Queer Heaven


  1. Blessings for your new adventure.
    Take care and shalom.

  2. Michael, I wish you much happiness with your new adventure. Sounds like a place you will love. We will miss your daily posts. Be sure to stay in touch!!! Much love!

  3. Michael it has been and continues to be a pleasure reading your,posts and experiencing the beautiful images of your,blog. .whatever your path takes you I hope you keep us posted every now and then.

    The Male Casting Couch

  4. happy new journey for your new step of your life. hope you'll publish some posts as well!!!


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