Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Sunday Morning is learning to controll the bladder

We sat....we sat....we sat!
The stones were cool and smooth at first
My bare ass stuck like glue
My Balls tight in their sack
My Dick resting for the meditation.
We sat...we sat...we sat!
Four Quiet Somber Hours.
Four Restful Peaceful Hours.
The stones got warm.
A voice in the distance chanted.
A slow and haunting chant.
Like a song from the past
And a jolt to the future.
I hear the words...I listen
It is time.
The time is now.
It is time.
The stones are wet.
My balls are wet.
My soft dick is dripping
The warm piss warms my ass.
One by  one we are one
We give each other the morning kiss
The kiss of mouth to Dick.
Wet Dicks
Hard Dicks...Soft Dicks.
We Sit again for another 2 hours.
Free and open and Fine.


  1. you write poems and I love it!

    take a look here
    and you'll love my post as well!

  2. Beautiful. So peaceful. Happy New Year, Michael.

  3. I wish you the best for 2017 !
    Happy New Year!

    The Male Casting Couch


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