Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ordinary Guys can be So Hot!

         Good morning once again!  I am so happy you stopped by.   Have a cup of coffee with me?  Good!  Ok... slip off your underpants and let your Dick out.  That's it.... feels better, right?  I like to imagine that all of you are sitting there with Dick in hand and just lightly rubbing on your balls, while you browse thru all  your favorite gay blogs.  That is what I do!
        After my post yesterday about the BBQ and all the different types of guys that were there.... it got me to thinking...  There are so many ordinary everyday looking guys who are not model types that are sexy and can turn me on.  Well.... why not post some photos of those types for a change?   Ok, that is what I'm doing this morning.  I hope that your Dick likes them.

Have a great day today!
 Oh.. remember tomorrow is the last day of Maysturbation Month!
 I think you should wank off 
at least 5 times today!


  1. Yep! everyday guys are hot!

  2. There are some guys in this post that I would "do" anytime if I had the chance.

    Thanks .... Baldy

  3. "ordinary guys" are the best!!! Thanks.......


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