Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Butts & Balls

          Good morning my dear sweet horny friends!  I hope you all are well and ready to face another day.    I've a busy day today at work today, so much to do.   I just wish the Boss would get back form his extended vacation, so I could take some time off to do nothing but sit on the beach for awhile.  I was really thinking of a trip overseas this year.  But I doubt that will  is a little tight. You see, besides my salary I get commission on the events I bring in... and with the economy still in the shits, there have  not bee that many booked for the fall yet.  Oh well, at least I live by the ocean and in a tourist  city where there is always some guy who is looking for sex. 
       Nothing much else to say this morning, except to once again thank you for taking the time to visit here.  Don't forget to leave me a comment or ask me any question you wish.   I leave you this morning with what seems to always be the most popular theme.... BUTTS & BALLS......


  1. Nothing like sweet buttholes and balls to get the morning started. ;-)

  2. A nice loooong vacation sounds great. Money concerns always get in the damn way, don't they? Well, there is always hanging out at the nude beach and jacking off with the guys... Or trading blow jobs... Or sliding into a few round butts! :-)

  3. I would like a Vacation also! Maybe I should come to Miami Beach?

  4. sorry you won't be getting that trip overseas but like you said at least the beach is close by. Hope you get some time off soon to relax. things here are good getting tired of the afternoon rain a little not that I mind rain just wish it didn't coose to do the moment I leave to pick up little man. anyways have awonderful evening. xoxo


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