Wednesday, August 22, 2012

In the Morning

         Good morning and welcome!    Great comments yesterday and also quite a few emails.  I guess most of us agree that size shape and looks are totally in the eyes of the beholder.  Thanks to all of you for your feedback!
         Not a lot to chat about this morning.... I really do not have the time to.  I did just want to let you all know that My Rentboi Buddy got a call from a shy guy that wanted to purchase his services Monday evening.   Well...lo and behold.... turns out it was that shy guy I liked from the pool party.   Usually Rentboi does not get into specifics about his clients even with me.. ya know like names etc.
But when this guy was telling him about the pool party...... Rentboi just  knew this had to be the shy guy I had told him about.  So... now I know all about his dick and his ass and that he liked a little bit of watersports!   Hmmmmm!   I still want to play with him!  

      OK... today's photos are mostly guys doing things that we guys do in the morning.


  1. I do all those things some mornings, except lick my own dick. I wish I could!

  2. Some absolutely beautiful boners today. Thanks!!

  3. Are you sure we are doing all that things each day?
    I like so much this sort of pics...they seems to be real!
    Thanks for your comment!

  4. The third guy with the shirt, tie and boner is super cute.

  5. You alway know what pictures to put out each day to get the evening off to a great start. love the guys you pick HOT.

  6. Right, the third pic (leaning against the tiled wall) is very hot; likewise the DD of DD. Erect in nature - what could be finer?


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