Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Twos for Tuesday

              Good morning!   Fuckin' rainy day here this morning.  It is one of those mornings when it would be great to just curl up and lie in bed listening to that rain.  But no.... I gotta work.  Not much I can do about that.   Anyway, I am glad to see all of you today.   Thanks for dropping by!  Before I go much further, I really would like to respond to a comment that was left on yesterday's post.  
               STEVE...... It is too bad that you can't see the beauty in all body types.  Heavyset guys can be just as sexy as a thin twink.  I wonder if you have ever been with an over weight guy.  You might be totally surprised at how much fun they can be.  Sure, MY preference happens to be thin, non muscular guys with small cut cocks. But I gotta tell you.... I went to a "chubby" party once and had more fun sexually than at a lot of other parties I have been to.  So, next time you do not care for the photos I post just keep it to yourself.  
           I do not have any overweight guy pics today... just those of two guys being guys.  Sucking, Fucking and just enjoying each other's company.

       Well, it is time for my morning jerk off.... how about you?  Make sure you leave a comment or send me an email. And of course drop back tomorrow!

  I was just over at Dironion's BLOG and this photo is the one that got me to cum this morning.

Stop by his BLOG and tell him I sent you.



  1. Good morning - I totally agree about making negative comments just because someone does not appeal to your particular taste. I was fortunate to be good looking in my younger days and attracted a lot of attention from stunning guys (and beautiful girls) and, I have to admit, I was a bit loose on the morals front. I was at a party one night when two equally delightful people were arguing about who was going to sleep with me (the person who took me to the party and the older sibling). I just went upstairs and climbed into a bed and waited to see which one won the argument. The next morning I woke up and looked at the head on the pillow beside me and thought, what do I say to you. "Good morning" or "Shall I fetch some coffee?" I realised then that people only wanted to sleep with me as a sort of trophy - just for what I had between my legs and not for anything between my ears. From that very moment I stopped being a whore - and waited, and waited, and one day it happened with someone I'd never imagined going with. Someone not staggeringly beautiful - quite plain. But I had gone with them for the right reasons - it had just happened and crept up on us - and it was one of the most memorable nights of my life. I have since found that the not-so-beautiful people are often the best lovers - maybe they have to try harder to compensate but, whatever the reason, I have NEVER judged anyone by their looks since - and I have been a much happier person for it.

  2. Agree on the negative comments. Until you have experienced getting to know the real person, don't judge them by the cover. I once was at a Bears Pool Party.... these guys really know how to have fun and enjoy each other. There were also several gorgeous young fellows - really hung that were just dripping to be with the chubbies.

    Great kissing, great blow jobs, great personalities and most of all, great people.


  3. Thanks for your comment! Kiss! Great blog to, i subscribed

  4. Whoever this Steve guy is, he sure is an idiot. It was unnecessary to use such language. I never had sex with a chubby guy, but after reading your post and those comments above,maybe I should give one a try.

  5. Right on, right on... We aren't all built like the proverbial brick shithouse. But, we all do have penchants for certain "types" - there is a whole sub-culture of men (gay and straight) who like "a bit more meat on the bone" as they put it. I had one very chubby guy who came on to me at a group meeting once. I noticed everyone else kind of avoiding him... Well, I gotta say, he turned my cock every which way but loose and when he blew his load - holy crap! it was enormous and impressive. We had a terrific time.

  6. as a chubby girl a say thank you for your reply to this negative comment you're a sweetheart for saying this. XOXO

  7. Some of the best sex I've ever had was with bears. I like all types of men.


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